How can there be "nothing" going for them when they are now how 99% of the
information for consumer products like the Squeezebox are relayed and

It's elitest/exclusive attitudes like this that are at the root of the
refusal to move forward.

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I totally disagree. I hate web forums. There is practically nothing going
for them. I can't really see any benefits, just lots of negatives.

>For customers who don't wish to be
>involved in the technical details of the Squeezebox, the lack of a web
>forum is a big problem.

Why? Will the content of traffic change if the list suddenly becomes a
forum? Are you saying that emails are too technical?

>Forums work very well for many products and interests

Forums also work very badly for many products and interests.

>I participate in several. Eventually, as list traffic increases, it will

be the only option.
I participate in several too, and that's the problem - I have to log on to
several different sites, using different accounts and passwords. I don't
participate in those really. I look in there occasionally, but I certainly
miss a lot of useful things as a result. I'm much less likely to

The only way I can see a forum helping when list traffic increases, is that
less people are likely to post, as less people will read it!

I do think it would be worth splitting the discussion list into a few
separate lists though. Perhaps one for discussion of bugs, and another for
discussion of new ideas, enhancement requests, etc. Perhaps a general chat
list too (make this one a forum if you must for newbies that don't
understand how emails work???).