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    Chinese takeaway Radio

    I appreciate that having seen some awesome projects on this forum this is pretty 'naff'. However it started as a 'how do I light an led with a Raspberry Pi' to a Radio which works perfectly in the garden summer house knocked up in a couple of evenings. Without spending almost any money I shoved it into a Chinese take-away carton and used a few led's and push button switches at almost no cost. I added some additional functionality - motion detection which fades out to off and switches on and fades back in with movement detection. Also added a 'Kids Bedtime' button which switches on 3 Squeezeboxes in their bedrooms with various volumes, sleep settings and playlists which they all listen to when going to bed. (Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Cabin Pressure, ElvenQuest) The Radio hardware is in an unfinished state but to be honest up in the garden I don't need anything fancy so will stay as is.
    I have also changed my server from a PC to a Raspberry Pi 3 which is actually performing much better than the PC ever did, so I am really pleased - picture attached in the lego case.
    Next project will be a PI driven Squeezebox with a colour display and fancy case.


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    LEGO rulezz!!!!

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    Pics need resizing.

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