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I've tried again, same result. If I set the Global settings to avoid any transcoding/resampling then I can (finally) get squeeze2upnp to work, but I can't get squeezelite-R2 to work with that Global Setting .
That's correct.

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and the player-specific settings simply don't seems to ever stay as I set them. As soon as I Apply, they go back to what they were. There must be some sort of issue there.
All the players has its own different mac address correct? The key for settings is the player id (mac address).

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You might want to notice that squeeze2upnp reports itself as being squeezelite (this was to support ickStream if I remember correctly) so C-3PO might be getting confused by having both compliant (R2) and non-compliant players.
No, it should not, it should instead give you a warning if you choose to resample and decode to pcm, as only squeezelite is (was) capable to handle this situation,

This afternoon I had a problem and I'll have no time to check this untill tomorrow. Let me try to simulate your scenario and see what's happening.