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I've finally managed to track down the ir remote buttons repeating almost immediately.

Using the --uinput option with lircd makes the ir remote appear as a keyboard to jivelite. Jivelite was setting the sdl keyboard driver delay before keys repeat to 100ms. I've changed it to the default half second. Unfortunately, the change requires a new jivelite build.

You still need to have the remote key repeat setup correctly as described in post #4

There's a test jivelite tcz on the picoreplayer beta files area for you to try.

pcp bu  # save pcp config

cd /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/optional

wget -O jivelite.tcz.md5.txt http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/picoreplayer/beta/jivelite_touch.tcz.md5.txt

wget -O jivelite.tcz http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/picoreplayer/beta/jivelite_touch.tcz

md5sum jivelite.tcz # make sure the file downloaded correctly
64a958204f1f6a719f9aaa80e7356f68  jivelite.tcz

cat jivelite.tcz.md5.txt # does it match the line above?
64a958204f1f6a719f9aaa80e7356f68  jivelite.tcz

pcp rb  # you must reboot!
If you receive the message wget: download timed out, just rerun the wget command(s) that failed. I've been getting a lot of errors from SF lately.
Works great when using jivelite with FLirc as well