Followed your instructions, and got this working with JiveLite. It seems to perform much better than my FLIRC dongle! The FLIRC was sitting behind the screen, so that may have been part of the problem, but the IR receiver using lirc just seems much more responsive.
Some of the instructions were a little confusing. To modify the config.txt, I ended up removing my SD card, and editing using my PC. I was also somewhat confused on how to get the /usr/local/etc/lirc/lircd.conf setup. I created both a lirc and a lirc/lircd.conf directory. Somewhere the lircd.conf directory was replace by the lircd.conf file, but it was populated with the squeezelite (or piCorePlayer) controls. I then pasted the jivelite control settings into this file to get the JiveLite controls to work.
It is working well with my Touch IR remote, with one nit: buttons seem too responsive - example, when "right" selecting a menu item, it often jumps two menus. I suspect there's a way to "slow down" the key repeat rate?
I'd like to configure for a different remote - if it's successful, I'll see about sending you the config file to add to the repository.

THANKS! Looking forward to seeing this implemented in future releases of pCP - (although I can imagine it's less straight-forward - most cases require some soldering to access GPIO when using HATs, and various GPIO options). For simplicity, I chose to use the same GPIO as you - there was no contention with the HiFiBerry DAC+.