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    lirc rpi gpio IR support for picoreplayer

    This section is for squeezelite ONLY. See post #2 for Jivelite configuration.


    audible feedback only, no visuals.

    Supported "blind actions" are;

    Next Track
    Previous Track
    Volume Up
    Volume Down

    The packages come with support for a logitech/slimdevices remote already configured and working.
    To use a different remote you need to obtain/create an lircd.conf file for said remote and an .lircrc key mapping file.
    There is a plethora of info available to do this, research it yourself, I won't do it for you.

    I will be happy to include additional remote configurations in the tcz file.

    For installation details see the README.md

    We are planning to integrate lirc support into picoreplayer when we have a working jivelite solution as well.

    I'm using these 38 kHz TSOP4838 DIP-3 IR Receiver Modules.

    Check out this video for info on creating a solderless harness to connect an IR receiver directly to the rpi.

    There's a pic of my B+ with IR connected to the IQaudIO DAC+ IR header. The cable is long enough to expose the IR diode when I finally put the rpi behind the stereo. I used a no solder solution, except to join the 2 connectors and I had to bend the pins on the diode a bit to keep them snug in the connector. The range is amazing with the IR floating like that. We'll see what it's like when I hide it.

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