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    Custom Clock for Jivelite with 800x480 Screen

    I have modified erland's "Custom Clock" screensaver applet to create a version which works with Picoreplayer/Jivelite and the official Raspberry PI 7" touch display.
    It requires a license from erland for Custom Clock, and requires the License manager plugin on LMS, and the License Manager applet running on Jivelite.
    It is intended to work on Picoreplayer with Jivelite installed, and is for a 800x480 screen (such as the official Raspberry Pi 7" screen), but I am also using with an 800x480 HDMI screen on my older Raspberry Pi configuration. Not ALL of the Jivelite versions use the same version of Lua, so it won't work with all versions of Jivelite.
    Repository for using the Applet Downloader is:


    Add this to the Additional Repositories list on the LMS Plugins tab.

    For those who want to do a manual installation of the applets.
    Files can be found at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sup...iles/CC_STUFF/
    To install into JiveLite on PiCorePlayer, you need to create two applet directories on your PiCorePlayer at: /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/applets
    First is "CustomClock", and you need to place the extracted files from the "CustomClock_JL_800x480_001.zip" file. Second is "LicenseManager", and place the extracted files from the "LicenseManager_Applet_001.zip" file.

    I've also placed files for a modified "Custom Clock Helper" plugin for LMS in the same location. The changes are minor: there is a setting on the Custom Clock Helper settings page to indicate "jivelite800x480" as a model, and the plug-in points to an updated data file with a couple of new Custom Clock screens.
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