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    Portable Squeezebox

    This is my first post here. I wanted to share my DIY portable Squeezebox project.

    This is based on the following hardware:
    - A Raspberry Pi B+
    - An Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" non-touch screen
    - A TeckNet iEP360 6000mAh portable charger
    - A 5V 2x3W amplifier board
    - A generic USB DAC
    - An Edimax 7811UN WiFi adapter
    - Three switches, two rotary encoders with switches, and two scavenged 4ohm speakers.
    - A solid state Reed relay

    This only just fits inside a scavenged 17x9cm case. The case is really too small for all of the above, so I had to take apart the WiFi adapter and the DAC and solder them directly to the Pi's +5V, GND and USB data pins.

    On the software side, it uses:
    - Raspbian modded for the PiTFT from Adafruit.
    - Squeezelite modded to activate a GPIO pin
    - Jivelite modded for PiTFT 2.2"
    - Pikeyd modified to support rotary controllers
    - I also adapted the Clock screensaver for 2.2" screen

    So thanks to the Clock screensaver, this device works as an alarm clock, connected to a USB charger.

    The right rotary encoder controls the volume. Pressing it switches squeezelite on and off, which also switches the 5V amp on and off through a GPIO controlled relay. When switched off, the Clock screensaver kicks in, and screen dims to its lowest level.
    The left rotary encoder browses the menu up and down, pressing validates your choices. A long press opens the "+" menu.
    The row of buttons are mapped Back, Pause/Play, and Next.

    The front panel is temporary. Version 2.0 will have a custom-cut aluminium front panel (2mm thick) and two aluminium knobs will fit over the rotary controllers. I'll do the rear panel in plastic, with a switch to disable the Wifi and an RJ45 extension for Ethernet (since this is supposed to double as an alarm clock, I'm not keen on it beaming WiFi through my head all night). I'll also try to clean up the back by adding an extension for the micro USB.
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    And here are the pictures that I couldn't post in my first post:

    Prototype front panel:

    Testing connections:

    With the portable charger installed:
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    I've just installed the aluminium front panel and the new aluminium knobs. Looking good !

    This is what it looks like in use:

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    I commented on your YT page. Just amazing creativity. Spectacular!

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    This looks awesome. I assume that you could also create preset buttons for favorites if you wanted? Both the screen and the speakers on my Squeezebox Boom are starting to go out and everytime I look at alternatives for it they are almost always missing preset buttons and also a screen.

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    I don't know if Jivelite supports presets, but there is a Favorites menu.

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