Thank you all very much. You have answered both my questions. I will be testing both tonight and let you know how things go.

Thanks again


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oh yeah, I forgot about that

it can work on windows too if you create a simple .BAT file to call the
appropriate shutdown.exe command and arguments. They differ for different
windows versions. Drop the .bat file into c:\program
files\slimserver\server\scripts\ and the plugin should allow you to select it
through the player interface, and you can then press plan to execute it

Quoting Ben Klaas <bklaas (AT) occamnetworks (DOT) com>:

> I agree with the common sentiment on this thread that leaving a PC on is
> not a big deal; however, I really don't think it's my role to tell
> someone else how to use their electricity.
> To that end: take a look at the Execute Script plugin on Fishbone's page--
> If you can write a script that can shutdown your PC, you should be able
> to do it from your squeezebox. This is simple if you are running
> Linux...I can't speak to the complexity of doing it in Windoze.
> cheers
> #!/ben
> kdf wrote:
> > Quoting Emile_Weekes (AT) dell (DOT) com:
> >
> >
> >>Ok. I'm convinced, I leave the server on. How about my second

> >
> >
> > the second can be solved by using windows shortcuts, linux symbolic links

> or
> > bind mounts. I think there is a filed request for user password and/or
> > multiple library support, but I can't seem to get into

> at
> > the moment to confirm. If there isn't a multiple library request and you

> really
> > cannot tolerate teh shortcuts, feel free to file a request.
> >
> >
> > -kdf
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