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    Note that no discussion has taken place, despite the trolling from the usual idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJZolx View Post
    Note that no discussion has taken place, despite the trolling from the usual idiots.
    We do have to thank you for your meaningful contributions and insights.
    "To try to judge the real from the false will always be hard. In this fast-growing art of 'high fidelity' the quackery will bear a solid gilt edge that will fool many people" - Paul W Klipsch, 1953

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJZolx View Post
    What the fuck is wrong you you people??
    Hope this helps.




    Just looked at the OP's Audiogon AD, read the last line, and I quote.

    Feel free to ask any questions needed to make this a comfortable experience.
    I think that justifies this thread nicely!
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    While I am complete agreement about there being no need to add tubes to the Transporter, I nonetheless respect the OP's right to post the For Sale ad here in the Audiophile section. There is no need to call out how adding tubes does not improve the sound, that's between the buyer and seller and if one is not going to buy the unit then just walk away quietly.

    The questions a perspective buyer should be asking are those pertaining to wear and tear, shipping methods and cost, etc. Whatever one feels about use of tubes should not be part of this discussion.

    I look at this types of discussions as very similar to discussions about music. I like free jazz and dislike heavy metal rock and since I hate it when someone leave a post on thread about free jazz saying "This music sounds like crap", I refrain from post the same on a thread heavy metal rock.

    I realize that this may sound strange coming from me, the number one abuser of all those high end audio gurus who write and edit the gloss audio magazines, but every private individual is entitled to their beliefs, no matter how mistaken one may feel they are, whereas on the other hand the self appointed audio gurus who spread FUD for the sake of money are fair game.
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    funny, i came here wondering whether it was still for sale. if so, i'm definitely interested. i have two "standard" transporters, and have recently purchased a tube integrated (that has a lovely 274B rectifier).

    in any case, if you're still here, and it's still available, send me a note.
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    It was listed almost two years ago, so I'm sure it's long gone.

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