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Orange Squeeze and Squeeze Commander can both connect to mysqueezebox.com; I'm certain that Squeezer can also. Look for some option to "Change server" and it should be available there.

You might also try Material Skin; search the forum.

"Official" Squeezebox app stopped working after Android 5.
Thanks for answering! Yep know about the official app not working hence my Q's. Maybe I should have been clearer; I want a remote control that doesn't need LMS to be running. So from looking at Material skin that wouldn't work since it need to be installed in LMS. Think I used Squeeze Commander ages ago but from searching it seems that it's also now defunct? Doesn't show up on search on Google Play.

Orange Squeeze might be it as it says in its site; >
"Orange Squeeze automatically discovers and connects to your local Logitech Media Server (formerly Squeezebox Server) over WiFi, or the mysqueezebox.com web site."

Can anyone confirm that it can connect to MySq.com without having LMS running in background? I.e. over 4G.