Years ago I investigated several Android clients but finally concluded
that the official Logitech client did the best job on my tablets and phones.
However, this client is showing its age. The UI is a bit unstable and
sometimes taps are not correctly processed. It seems not to run under the
newest Android versions.

AFAIK, we do not have the sources for this client so there's little we can
do. What other client would be a good replacement?

Rejects so far:

SqueezeCommander: Dead (last release 2011).
Orange Squeeze: Cannot try (no preview/lite version). Seems to have
no tablet UI.
Squeezer: No tablet UI. Too limited.
Squeeze Controller: No tablet UI. Too limited.
Squeeze Ctrl: Cannot try. Expensive, and tablet mode requires additional
in-app purchase.
Squeezebox Remote: Only works via mysqueezebox.com.

-- Johan