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    Quote Originally Posted by hybride View Post
    -V act's only (i my setup) if piCore generates a asound.conf, which i posted earlier. With that setup the <output device> field has to stay empty. Examine piCorePlayer for more info.

    I prefer analog attentuation and unprocessed, bitperfect transfer of my 16/44.1 musicfiles to my DAC's, which are passive coupled to amplifiers. There are more ways to skin a cat. PM me for in depth considerations.
    Yes you post a screenshot from some text but that .conf looks like more than a startingpoint as something else and in my World some chars are chars and if someone makes a pic out of text thats bitunperfect as hell.

    I'd read about your DAC and i'am not very "happy" about my readings - or i never ever would buy such a cheap thing where forums are full of moaning customers cause of lacking support or feedback from the manufacturer.

    That Dac should have an integrated AMP and a separate output that (as i read) only can set on and off and is build for Audioph. People.

    Hmmm only ON OFF - ring ring ring ring

    They "write" that they even have a stronger powersupply over USB than the pre Version (and all such infos that may make sense somewhere) They even have their own USB Protocoll to drive this thing ?!
    Believe me or not but thats marketingnonsense - or is there any download /cd or volume inside that DAC with a driver and some binarys?

    If you want help feel free to write not something but all over this particular setup.
    And no i dont need PM cause i do not know everything.

    btw: did you see my question above some screenshoot where i asking you did you check all of them except the /dev/null?
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