Please Don't laugh!! I'm normally a whole album listener, and I've never made a playlist. I've had squeeze boxes for 15 years, and currently run a touch from my iPad using squeezepad. So...with a Christmas party coming up I figured I'd make a playlist for the party. Easy, right? Well, apparently not so much. I seem to get into the area to make a playlist without a problem. I was in artist view mode and started going down alphabetically by artist. So, I'd go to Aerosmith, click on an album, and then click on a song. I'd click the song and click add to end. Seemed to be working fine and I went through a half dozen artists doing this.

So...I decided to check the playlist I'm building...and here's the problem. When I click on the playlist its added every damn son off every album I've clicked on...even though I only clicked on 2-3 songs per album to add to the playlist.

I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I have no idea what. I've got a big collection, and going through the artists individually seemed like a good way not to miss someone/something good. I'm sure this must be simple...but I need explicit instructions from someone on building a playlist one track at a time. I certainly don't want to have to go and try and delete 13 songs, just to keep 2 since its adding the whole album to the playlist!!