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    Well I have changednothing and I beleie I made no change before on this issues. What may be confusing is that Show Station Icon basically means - don't use per program metadata.
    I get program track data when the box is unticked.
    Where is the info being disaplayed Web , SBT , SB3, App ?
    This was fixed with a new player.pm for I believe. I wonder if broke it and I didn't notice.

    This is from June 30th

    "Attached is a replacement for iPlayer.pm in It has not been extensively tested.

    This should fix the current track metadata problem when "Always display station icon" is unchecked.

    Basically the issue is that the realtime track data was not being displayed if stream is not "realtime" but has a delay - by default the plugin includes a delay for best performance. So the change allows for a small delay (30secs) to be considered "realtime".

    This fix needs to be more fully tested especially oin Windows systems.

    The display of metadata by plugin when "Always display station icon" is checked needs to be fixed at a later date."

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