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    [Announce] WiMP becomes Tidal

    > When I choose flac or MP3 as streaming quality (the other setting is
    > only mp3), how can I see if my SB Touch is playing flac files (assuming
    > I play an album that is availible as flac)?

    Trust your ears ;-). I think you should see it in the track information



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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    Trust your ears ;-).
    I do but some visual confirmation would be nice!

    I think you should see it in the track information menu.
    Maybee a stupid question, but where can I find this track information menu? Is it on the Sqeuuzebox (I have the touch) itself, is it in the app?

    The thing is, most of the time my Touch won't play different albums on Tidal when I select 'FLAC or MP3 as streaming' quality. I simply don't get any sound. I see my Arcam rDAC trying to correct sampling rade (the reay is clicking) but it has no success.

    I've posted about this issue before, it seems the issue was over but I think I was wrong back then. For the record, I don't use LMS, I use the Tidal App with Mysqueezebox.com. The issue mainly arises when using the Enhanced digital output plugin. After I know where I can find the track information menu I can ask there also. However, today I deinstalled this plugin and flashed the Touch stock firmware but the problem of not playing in FLAC or MP3 mode also occurs, only less often. With this stock firmware I can't connect the Touch with the rDac through USB, I've tested with the optical and coaxial cable and the issue happens with both cables.

    To resolv the issue I want to find out where it goes wrong.
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