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    Announce: CastBridge = integrate Chromecast players with LMS (squeeze2cast)

    This plugin/app integrates Chromecast players found on your network and let LMS use them as if they were regular Squeezeboxes (they appear as a modified squeezelite instance). It derives form my UPnP/DLNA bridge.

    The stable version is now part of the 3rd party plugin built-in list, so you should find it in the plugins page. If you want to test the development version (there is not always one on-going), just add the following repository

    development version: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/lms-to-cast/dev/repo-sf.xml
    Go to the 'Chromecast Bridge' settings to check but it should work, no parameter tweaking is normally needed (it's more simple than UPnP). It will install the bridge application on the LMS machine and run it.

    It should provide pretty much all the features of squeezelite, except synchronization (all you can have is a 2-sec accurate sync start). ChromeCast group of players appear as another LMS player, so it gives synchronization within a CC group

    There are two processing modes

    1- Passthrough
    • In this mode, the audio tracks are simply passed to the ChromeCast player with almost no modification (except a few tweaks for PCM -uncompressed- and flac).
    • Except for PCM tracks, replay gain, fade in/out/in-out will not work
    • Gapless does not work
    • Supported codecs are ogg, mp3, flac, pcm and aac with limitations - result will vary from track to track

    2- Full processing
    • In this mode, the tracks are decoded and resampled (if needed) by the bridge and either sent as uncompressed PCM or re-encoded using flac or mp3
    • This mode provides much better compatibility as the same format is sent to the ChromeCast player all the time
    • Replay gain, fade in/out/in-out are supported
    • Supported codecs are ogg,mp3,aac,flac,pcm
    • There is a special option named "flow" to send all the tracks as a long single stream to enable true gapless and crossfade (you'll lose metadata display on the ChromeCast player)

    NB: A port is used to open a webserver (49152 by default, but it might vary up to 49162). Under Windows, you might have a popup (only the very first time the application is started) asking to allow squeeze2cast-win to access your network. In any case:


    The Bridge installs a web server on a random port from 49152 (can be configured), up to 32 ports, so your firewall must allow that. If everything seems to work but you have no sound, you propably have these ports blocked to the Chromcast player cannot get the audio. In Windows, add a rule authorizing squeeze2cast-win.exe or go into C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\Cache\InstalledPlugins\P lugins\CastBridge and launch *once* squeezecast-win.exe where you'll be prompted for authorization

    This plugin *requires* SSL to stream HTTPS directly so make sure it's installed on your LMS server. Not a problem for Windows, OSX, most Linux x86, Raspberry pi, Cubie, Odroid and others that use a Debian-based, but can be problematic with some NAS. I don't have a perfect guide, so please refer to your NAS forum, but most of the recent NAS firmware update include SSL as well, so that might be all that is required.

    Other than that, Perl must have SSL support enabled, which again is available in all recent distribution and LMS versions (I think). But in case of problem and for Debian-ish Linux, you can try "sudo apt-get install libio-socket-ssl-perl libnet-ssleay-perl" at any command prompt. Here is as well the link to the original thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...l=1#post631449

    Other tips

    • With docker you must use 'host' mode network

    Debug HELP

    Folks, if you want help, you must post here the LMS version you're using, the OS and CPU. Then you must take a log of the bridge (go to the plugin's settings in LMS settings, tab advanced, it's self-explanatory).
    I won't be able to help and I will not answer dry questions like "it does not work"
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