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    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_44 View Post
    At what song does it stop? All seems good in this log
    Stops here...

    album:Look Sharp!
    title:Listen To Your Heart
    genre:[no genre]
    [10:47:18.285] sq_callback:256 [00455AB0]: next URI
    [10:47:18.285] process_strm:378 [0046FFF0]: codec:m, ch:255, s:255, r:255
    [10:47:18.370] sendSTAT:157 [0046FFF0]: STAT:[STMc] msplayed 284594
    [10:47:18.370] sq_callback:312 Volume 26
    [10:47:18.370] CastSetDeviceVolume:305 [00455AB0]: Immediate VOLUME (id:871)
    [10:47:33.001] slimproto_run:674 [0046FFF0] Closing CLI socket 944
    [10:48:03.016] _SyncNotifyState:357 [00455AB0]: Cast stop
    [10:48:03.016] CastLoad:156 [00455AB0]: Immediate LOAD (id:914)
    [10:48:03.016] CastSimple:205 [00455AB0]: Queuing PLAY
    [10:48:03.016] _SyncNotifyState:365 [00455AB0]: no gapless
    [10:48:03.038] sendSTAT:157 [0046FFF0]: STAT:[STMs] msplayed 0
    [10:48:03.141] CastSocketThread:785 [00455AB0]: Media session id 4
    [10:48:03.198] ProcessQueue:569 [00455AB0]: Processing PLAY (id:916)
    [10:48:04.264] _SyncNotifyState:381 [00455AB0]: Cast playing
    [10:53:08.096] _SyncNotifyState:357 [00455AB0]: Cast stop
    [10:53:08.096] sendSTAT:157 [0046FFF0]: STAT:[STMu] msplayed 304262
    [10:58:08.141] CastStop:239 [00455AB0]: Immediate STOP (id:1207)
    [10:58:23.001] slimproto_run:674 [0046FFF0] Closing CLI socket 1032

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbeast View Post
    Nah not a gap, but like stops.. Sounds like you fixed it-- will give it a try. I dont think it occurs with the regular library but i will keep an eye out.
    This seems to occur especially when adding new songs to the queue. It'll typically either pause, and i have to skip track or play the newly added tracks and pause at the end of those. Haven't been able to verify if its different sample rates/bitrate related.

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