This is not super-urgent but would still make for a nice addition IMHO.

I made a change to iPeng that will make it show individual discs of multi-disc albums. What this means is: if you have set your server to group multi-disc albums together (if you don't, the discs are separate albums) then iPeng will show headers identifying disc 1 and disc 2.

I can do this because the server knows the disc number and returns it when queried.


What you can not do is filter based on the disc number. So I can't, for example, only request disc 1 or get a context menu only for disc 1.
The bummer is that you also can't use it to selectively play. I know.... this is probably one of these cases where 50% of the people want one behavior and 50% want a different one but it would be nice if it was even possible to only play one of the two discs.