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    The last time I used the squeezelite stdout feature was back at version 1.4 around Dec '13 which is about a month after Triode made that annoucement.

    I used to record a couple of late night siriusxm shows, back when we had a plugin for LMS and it worked great.

    Try adding -C 1 to the squeezelite command line to stop squeezelite outputting silence (zeroes) when nothing is playing. That may help with the filesize. This option didn't exist in v1.4 so it may not work with stdout.

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    Thank you so much for the guidance. I'm sorry to have gone quiet. I got sick at the weekend and was planning a more methodical approach, but that means some time alone in the living-room, which ain't gonna happen now until after the festive season, as the only usable audio output from the box running lms is through the TV.

    I'll pick up the thread in the new year and will update here if/when I have some progress or at least some meaningful logging output.

    Happy Hols!

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