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> Ya know, I have to say, I have used CoolEdit 2000 in the past
> for cleaning
> up vinyl recordings (I happen to own CoolEdit2K's
> pop-and-scratch-removal
> plug-in). Seems to work just dandy.
> On a possibly related topic (ahem), is it unethical (or
> indeed even illegal)
> to share software, when the company that made it no longer
> exists, and the
> software is no longer sold nor supported? Seriously. Just wondering.

The rights for CoolEdit were sold to Adobe who decided to drop support
for the 2k version.
I suspect you'd find they would be quite enthusiastic about
pursuing their ownership rights.

I use it as well, although their approach of manually identifying
the worst of the single clicks and having the software fix one at a time
give the best results.
Their fully automatic approach leaves some of the low frequencies