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    Qnap No Longer Supporting Squeezebox

    A Ticket was filed September 6, 2015 with Qnap Tech Support asking about their policy in supporting Squeezebox media server since the Qnap link to install LMS broken. Below is their answer.
    From: "QNAP Technical Support" <ussupport@qnapsecurity.com.tw>
    Sent: 9/9/2015 4:06:34 PM
    Subject: [#OAC-202-83688]: Qnap Support Policy for Squeezebox Players


    Yes that is still the case, as we do not support squeezebox. There have been a number of security holes identified, and the developers have stopped supporting it. For that reason we choose to no longer use it.

    QNAP USA Technical Support

    Tech Line: (909) 595-2782
    Website: http://www.qnap.com/
    Forum: http://forum.qnap.com/
    Wiki: http://wiki.qnap.com/

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    The topic has come up before. The security issues are not in LMS itself (though I doubt there are none...), but in SSOTS, which is being used to provide an environment to run LMS.

    Please check the forum for threads around this, and solutions for the problem.

    "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
    (LMS: Settings/Information)

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    At QNAP Forums log in and look for (you will need an account if you haven't got one)


    This is a guide to installing LMS 7.9 on a TS251.
    Depending on your QNAP model there may be variations.

    Basically you need to grab the last official QPKG which is 7.7.2 bundled with SSOTS.
    Install it manually and then go through a process of upgrading.

    7.7.2 QPKG

    The alternative approach is to host your music files on the NAS (it is good at that) and use a RaspberryPi (Max2Play) as your LMS with the config pointed at the NAS. Provided both devices are wired it works well. This latter approach may be the best in the long run anyway as when new firmware is available for the QNAP it may break your working LMS.
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    Qnap Has Been Returned

    Thank you Michael and d6jg,

    Synology NAS on order. Customer Service "says" Synology supports LMS. We will see...
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