I have found WaveRepair (www.waverepair.com) to be a useful tool for
de-clicking, although the process can be time-consuming. It's shareware,
too, developed by a fellow enthusiast, so you can try before you buy.
Rumbles may be a different story, however.


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I agree about ripping. Also the only benefit of real-time streaming is
having the deck in a diff place to the player. With only 20 mins of music
per side, you will be doing a huge amount of running back and forth!

I have ripped quite a bit of vinyl and haven't found a great tool for
removing clicks and rumbles. You seem to take out great chunks of frequency

range. I use tools called LPRecorder and LPRipper to record the album to
WAV split it into tracks and then spawn LAME to encode.

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> >I know you can rip vinyl and that may be what we have to do here...Open
> >to all ideas here.

> I think you're probably best off ripping the vinyl. The FLAC or MP3 files

> will integrate better with the SlimServer software, and you'll spare
> wear-and-tear on the vinyl and record player.
> My $0.02.
> Kevin
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