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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetnothings View Post
    hi sb folks

    i am using RaspberryPi with 7" touch (dsi)
    i dont know if i am the only one missing to have the screensaver triggered when player is switched off from jivelite.

    i am missing a 3rd screensaver option "when player is off" in addition to "playing" and "paused"
    how would it be possible
    - to implement such a 3rd option
    - to have the jivelite screensaver recognize "off" as "paused" state
    - to have the screen off when the local player is switched off

    You need to install the modified for rpi Display Off applet.


    You also need to have the rpi/gpio blacklight kernel modules installed.

    1-Touch, 5-Classics, 3-Booms, 1-UE Radio
    Squeezebox client builds donations always appreciated.

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    Skin Mod

    Thank you Ralphy, it works great!

    Is there any way to modify the playing now screen from Jivelight to place a power off button to the controls?
    The reason is i am using various synced players, i often want to turn one off while the others schould keep playing, so pause playback is no option then.

    I am using the Joggler skin.

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    New Touch Bundle

    I just wanted to update you guys on the status of our Squeezebox Touch alternative with the official 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen.
    Aside from allowing all HiFiBerry and IQaudIO sound cards in combination with the 7" Touchscreen (only the HiFiBerry DAC's and Digi's still require soldering, all other cards now work without any additional handiwork), we now also offer a complete bundle including a special case to fit the sound card, Pi and touchscreen with Max2Play branding in slick piano black.
    Unfortunately, the shipment of cases arrived with minor scratches on the front face plate. Thus we have devided them into two categories wherein the scratches are either almost not noticeable or a little more coarse. However, the whole bundle is now available and does not require any manual tasks to assemble it. Everything can be stacked together and screwed tight without soldering or drilling holes anymore. The bundles can currently be ordered from a small quantity (100 units) in our prototype run. But if people like your user base respond positive, we will try to expand the offer.

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