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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizbin View Post
    If the differences are THAT huge then I have doubts.
    Like I have said before, it is up to individuals to believe. I am not forcing my axiom on anybody. By the way, my LPS didn't come cheap. I paid about US$200... almost the price of an used SBT. I totally understand not many people are willing to fork out this kind of money especially if their Squeezeboxes are old.

    Back to the intention of my original post here - the DC plug of a SBT is 5.5mm x 2.5mm. This message got side-tracked somehow because I said I use a LPS and I experienced sound improvements.
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    There is an "audiophile" section for this kind of stuff.
    "To try to judge the real from the false will always be hard. In this fast-growing art of 'high fidelity' the quackery will bear a solid gilt edge that will fool many people" - Paul W Klipsch, 1953

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