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    And a complete rpi3 is about 30-40$ ? For reference youd expect a scan for new and changed to take a couple of minutes with fancy plugins not hours .
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    Some more screenshots of scans - this time downgraded back to an iTunes 12.0.1 library. Quicker still, as I suspected - although I've also disabled some Synology packages I rarely use, such as Audio Station, Media Server and Video Station. Here's the output of a 'Clear and rescan' (just 4 hours this time):

    Name:  Clear all and rescan 2018-01-11 iTunes 12.0.1.JPG
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    And a scan for 'new and changed media' clocked in at just over 3 hours - quick for my RAM-limited Synology NAS:

    Name:  Scan details 2018-01-12 new and changed - iTunes 12.0.1.JPG
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    My iPod Touch arrived today, and I suspect it will prompt me to upgrade to something that is 12.3 or high when I try to sync, but at least I know I can get still achive an LMS sync with the iTunes plugin with this version - albeit not as speedily as the above timings.

    The Raspberry Pi things sounds interesting, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. Would such a setup require having a Pi running LMS hardwired into my NAS (treating it as an external drive), then connecting the Squeezebox players to the Pi rather than the NAS - much like running LMS on a PC, with the music files on an external drive? If so, it's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I fancy faffing about setting it all up, and having a second device running every time I want to listen to music. Although the Synology takes an age to rescan, I'm happy doing so overnight, and streaming music from it is seamless and reliable.

    Thanks for all the info and advice so far, one and all!


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