I have a general question regarding some network disconnects I have been experiencing with my Naim Muso-2.


I have a Muso-2 that I stream to using Daphile and the UPnP Bridge. Most of the time the Muso is hard wired to my home network. I experimented a few times with wireless just to compare the sound quality. The Muso has disconnected itself from the home network every time I've connected wirelessly. It stays connected for 12 to 36 hours and then it disconnects. The wired connection is solid, but I had one incident in 6 months where it also disconnected. I use Material Skin on my android phone as a controller. When I switched from wired to wireless I did not change any settings in the UPnP control file.


Is there any way that the UPnP Bridge plugin can be causing or contributing to this behavior?