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    RPi4 4GB, sound quality, no dedicated audio card


    I am using UPnPBridge (thank you!) with the following Pi setup, and have a question about sound quality:

    • RPi 4 4GB running Max2Play
    • No dedicated audio card, just the RPi4 in a case
    • Squeezelite is paired with the Pi's onboard audio BCM2835, i.e.
    • sysdefault - bcm2835 ALSA, bcm2835 ALSA, Default Audio Device, CARD=ALSA
    • ALSA Parameters: 80:::
    • Command Line Options: -C 5

    UPnPBridge is in turn paired with Squeezelite, and the network player is a Linn Majik DSM (which is itself a very good DAC)

    My old setup had an RPi3 and an IQaudIO Pi-DAC+, Squeezelite was paired with it, and UPnPBridge with the Linn Majik DSM.

    My questions:

    1. Am I losing sound quality by not having the IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ in the chain? I have only FLAC and MP3, LMS is set up to not transcode either format. This is why I assumed that the Pi is mereley "transporting" the unprocessed audio signals to the Linn DSM, and that a dedicated audio card makes no difference in audio quality when using UPnPBridge and an external DAC. But I am unsure.

    2. Is there anything in the Squeezelite settings (Selected Device, ALSA parameters, Command Line Options) that could be changed to ensure the best possible sound quality (i.e. untouched) output to the Linn DSM?

    Many thanks,
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