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    LMS 7.9 - Various Artists not listed undergenres

    > there is one exception:

    ....and that's where I stop reading. If even your simplified use case
    needs a list of exceptions (others will like to add theirs), I'm done
    before starting any development.

    I'd say: whoever wants to tackle this. Feel free to submit a pull
    request when you're done.



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    first, thx for the reply and reading as far as you did. that's appreciated.

    however, I think "exception" might mean something different to a developer. its not an exception in the coding sense, meaning my solution is still straightforward, still simple in that the proposed code to be written is one size fits all, just with a much more linear logic. call it a poor choice of words on my part, but what I am proposing is one comprehensive approach.

    in fact, that's actually what I'm trying to address, meaning that right now the code makes things complex if/then scenarios that result in all kinds of weird and unexpected behavior, like with comps in genres. bugzilla is actually full of such comp examples. the main cause of this is the ridiculous amount of over-emphasis LMS puts on whether something is a comp or not, and then using that status on data queries where it really isn't relevant to begin with.

    in any case, i will try to come up with a better post to describe what should be implemented. thx.

    ps. if you keep reading my post, i think you'll see there is no exception the way u meant, and also if ur getting these posts in email I've since made edits to the posts to clarify things.
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    Welcome back, MrSinatra.

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    LMS 7.9 - Various Artists not listed undergenres

    >Welcome back, MrSinatra.

    Haha! I hope not!

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