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    Running LMS without internet

    I have a Apple MBP running LMS which works fine. I'm going on holiday next week to a place without internet. I was planning to take my laptop (with the music on it) and my Squeezebox radio.

    I tried turning off my router (given to me by my ISP here in France) as a test and it didn't work - the connection is via 192.168.1.xxx given by the router.

    Does anyone know what I can do to make it work - I want to connect my squeezebox via Wifi direct to my MBP. Or do I have to take my router also (even though there is nothing to plug it into)?

    Sorry if the question isn't clear - I'm not sure of the correct terminology. I'd like to be able to stream/play the music from my laptop using the logitech radio as I do at home but I'll not have internet access as I'll be in the countryside. If I can do that with laptop and radio (and not more boxes) that would be ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halasz View Post
    I tried turning off my router
    in this case you also turned your switch and dhcp Server off as well.

    Do another test - the real thing...

    Unplug your Cable from your edit\internet/edit distributor to the router.
    YOu will see unless your using some radio its working.
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    I have a mobile LMS + SB3 set up that I use for parties that specifically is intended to work without internet access. I connect the LMS server and SB3 with ethernet cables to switch ports on a wireless router set up to handle DHCP requests for 192.168.25.x with a scope of x=50 to 99. The LMS server has a static IP of (so it's easy to remember in case I have to manually point something to it). My phone and tablet can connect wirelessly and I use Orange Squeeze to control LMS (have to "force" the phone to stay on the wireless since it doesn't connect to the internet). I have used this setup out in the middle of a field running off a Honda generator (I have a pro-audio Furman power conditioner to protect everything from any electrical noise from the generator).
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