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    No Sound .. but headphone output working

    I reported the fault of no sound (as in no music, no beeps, nothing) to Logitech. They stepped me through an extensive diagnostic program but decided that all they could do was to send me a new radio, which was gladly received.
    However, since then I have started to look into the old radio .. it is now in bits on my table... and I have found that sound signals are coming from the headphone output. If I feed them to a pair of PC speakers all is OK.
    Now I guess this means that the amplifiers have packed up... so I have a couple of choices:
    1) Continue to use the external PC speakers, but this is clunky, with the wires and so on
    2) Insert a small amplifier in (for example) the battery compartment to drive the speakers (adding a high pass filter for the tweeter)
    3) Get the amplifiers / or the feed to the amplifiers repaired.
    4) ????

    Of the four choices (3) seems best but how.... any advice gratefully received.
    If not (3) then I guess (2) is the way to go .. and the radio should look and sound perfectly normal

    Any thoughts, comments etc., on the above.
    BTW, having gone through the Logitech diagnostics, the fault is definitely not with an upgrade of software, line in being used etc..the obvious stuff we tried! Help!

    Thanks for any advice received


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    Solution 1B) could be a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver pair, to get rid of some cables. Not very elegant, but cheap and easy.

    EDIT 1: Or wait a minute. They need power. More cables. Meh.

    EDIT 2: Plenty of power inside the Radio. Perhaps the transmitter would work even if it was hidden inside the battery compartment?
    Or you might love the idea of drilling a hole for a 5V cable in the Radio. :-)
    OK, I'll be quiet now. :-)
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