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    Spotify account mixup

    Weird: When my wife plays her Spotify account on her Squeezebox Radio, it gets logged to my Spotify account. So Spotify thinks I'm listening to her music, and even logs her music to my Facebook account if I have Spotify connected to Facebook. Yet the Radio is showing her Spotify account, not mine.

    On MySB.com, the Logitech Spotify app is connected to her Spotify account. Meanwhile I have a bunch of other Squeezeboxes (Radio, Boom, 2 Classics) that use the Triode Spotify plugin through my own LMS server. Her Radio is also attached to my LMS server, but she's not using the Triode Spotify plugin. I've deleted my own Spotify account from the MySB.com Spotify page, though her Radio was once attached to my Spotify account.

    Anyone know what's going on here, and how to fix it?

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    Try connecting her Radio to MySB.com (not LMS) and see if that resolves the issue. Your LMS can only be "registered" to one MySB.com account, so maybe your LMS is using her MySB.com account? IOW, if you are connected to LMS, LMS only sees her MySB.com account, so anything connected to LMS will default to her Spotify (MySB.com)?

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    We're only using one MySB.com account, but that supposedly allows multiple Spotify accounts within it.

    I just did a factory reset of the Radio, hoping that would help (not really), then tried connecting to LMS and then to MySB.com. When it's connected to my LMS, things go to my Spotify account. But you're right, when I switch the Radio to MySB.com, it no longer goes to mine. Thanks for the suggestion! That means that as long as she doesn't need the features added by LMS then we'll be fine.

    But is there any chance there's a way to make it work properly even when connected to LMS, while the squeezeboxes using the Triode Spotify plugin still use my Spotify account? I don't see how LMS is tied to my Spotify account except via the Triode plugin. Shouldn't that be completely separate from the Logitech Spotify app?

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    So basically the mysqueezebox.com spotify app has gf's account and Triodes app have your account .

    Can possibly be confusing these app do cooperate a bit in the background , but I guess only one account is assumed we have to ask Triode about that .

    You notice that logitechs spotify app has the green icon and triode a orange icon .

    Wonder if strange things happens if sync players with different spotify ?

    Notice that logitech's spotify app supports different streams on different devices .

    Triodes app only support one stream ,but syncing works . But his app somehow takes advantage of the presence of the oficial app and I'm not clear what it does .
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    Spotify account mixup

    > Triodes app only support one stream ,but syncing works . But his app
    > somehow takes advantage of the presence of the oficial app and I'm not
    > clear what it does .

    Spotify requires use of their libspotify for the playback. This library
    is included in the plugin as well as on the Radio and Touch players. In
    order to use the one integrated in to the players you'll need the
    official app. Otherwise Triode's plugin would use its own libspotify to
    get the audio stream. This library can only ever play a single stream.
    Therefore his plugin is limited to one player or synced playback. But by
    off-loading the playback to the Radio or Touch, this limitation can be
    worked around.



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