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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphy View Post
    Thanks for testing this Jeff and sorry it's taken sooo long for me to get back to you.

    AFAICT the ScreenSaver applet changes also works with the "have a touchscreen you need to enable Enable Power Button when Off for the remote to work correctly" case, therefore I've applied the change and activated the "Enable Power Button when Off" option by default. HDMI screen and remote users, you will need to clear the check box in the piCorePlayer settings so the power button turns the screen back on but should just work for rpi 7" touchscreen users.

    The pcp-jivelite extension in the repository now includes the changes.

    Don't forget to delete the modified ScreenSaver applet folder in /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/applets if you installed it and backup your config before updating jivelite.
    Hi Ralphy

    Thanks for this and no worries about the time it was hardly a serious problem !

    Thanks again and as always for your work on pCP


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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphy View Post
    Custom Clock screen saver is supported on pcp but it's very different from the lua sources for the now playing applet.

    It's located in /tmp/tcloop/pcp-jivelite/opt/jivelite/share/jive/applets/NowPlaying but you can't modify it there.

    You have to copy the folder to /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/applets/NowPlaying, make changes and ensure you backup the pcp configuration before a reboot or all the changes will be lost.
    I'm new to piCorePlayer and very curious which makes for a lot of questions. Very sorry about that but I hope you can help me at least with some:

    I quite like the default NowPlaying screen. And on a Pi3 with the Raspi 7'' Touchscreen I find it more useful than any CustomClock screensaver.
    There are only 2 tiny changes I'd like to make:

    - add rating stars. I have the CustomClockhelper plugin broadcast the value for the variable TRACKSTATRATINGNUMBER and LMS picks it up and the rating shows up in the normal context menu - without any CustomClock screensaver being used.

    - if that works I could also have it look for other variables that I made CustomClockHelper broadcast, maybe some kind of icon that shows if a track is favorite/loved.

    I've looked at the NowPlayingApplet.lua file but anthing I've tried failed. I'm looking for a way to make the NowPlayingApple pick up the value of available variables like TRACKSTATRATINGNUMBER and then show certain star icons for corresponding values.
    But I can't seem to make it pick up these variables... whatever I've tried it failed. I mean if LMS picks up on the TRACKSTATRATINGNUMBER variable I should be able to make the NowPlayingApplet do the same, no?

    Do you maybe have any ideas?

    These are all more or less pCP newbie questions:

    Is it still ok to just unplug a piCorePlayer device? I'm just asking because there's a submenu item to power down pCP. Since I can't add individual items from the Settings > pCP-Menu to the home menu (only the entire menu) what's the correct string to add it manually in CustomizeHomeMenu.lua, if this is possible at all?
    I've tried piCorePlayerApplet_MENU_SHUTDOWN but that didn't work.
    I'd like to get rid of any console text output messages when I boot my pCP device. I've already reduced them to a minimum using cmdline.txt codes but I still get the pCP ASCII logo and the console prompt for couple of seconds before the pCP splashscreen kicks in. Is there any way to call the pCP splashscreen earlier to hide the console prompt and the pCP ASCII logo?
    If I copy an applet from /tmp/tcloop/pcp-jivelite/opt/jivelite/share/jive/applets/ to /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/applets/, will it always/reliably be used instead of the original readonly applet? Or do I need to modify anything else?
    Do you leave SSH enabled in your LAN?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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