Today Jivelite froze this morning at 4:45 - as it sometimes does (at different times). I did as usual, I unplug at the wall, reboot. This time piCorePlayer gave me the following message (same as in #1003 in this thread a few pages back):

Starting Jivelite...There is a problem with the Jivelite installation. Please remove and reinstall Jivelite.

I didn't do this, I just rebooted piCorePlayer from the web-interface and Jivelite came back up. I wonder if anyone has found the root cause of this problem? (first problem being that it freezes from time to time, but second problem that it wouldn't start) ... is it just that I've used an old SD-card (that I've found in a drawer) and it's either just a slow one, or maybe near end-of-life?

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