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    Quote Originally Posted by ajscheid View Post

    ok my Jivelite disappeared. Under Tweaks there is only pCP System Tweaks, nothing else!

    What I have:

    RPi 3B+
    Original 7" Touch screen
    Allo DigiOne

    What happened:
    Everything was well and good and everything just worked, happy chappy.
    Today my wife asks me why she couldn't listen to music in the lounge anymore.
    I investigated couldn't find much, reboot and during the reboot the message came up Jivelite installation faulty please reinstall. Did that via the pCP web interface (uninstall and reinstall jivelite) and after reboot I received same message; jivelite broken. And the whole time no sound. I switched to USB and sound appeared. Hmmmmmmm......

    Next step was installing pCP fresh. Did that; setup the sound card and voila, sound is back! Good.
    Not so good: I can't install jivelite because in the web interface the tweaks menu is empty except System Tweaks.
    Please help me, thanks!

    In the meantime I will try an older version of pCP to see what effect that has.
    On the "Main" page, click the "Beta" tab at the bottom.
    Server - LMS 7.9.2 Pi4B 4GB/pCP 6.0.0 18K library, playlists & LMS cache on SSD (ntfs)
    Study - Pi3B+/pCP 5.0.0/pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/jivelite,
    Lounge - Pi2/pCP 5.0.0 > HiFiBerry DIGI+ > AudioEngine DAC1 > AVI DM5
    Dining Room - Squeezebox Boom
    Garage - Pi3B/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/pCP 5.0.0 > Edifier R980T

    Spares - 2xTouch, 1xSB3, 1xRadio, 6xRPi

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    Oh man! You made me feel really stupid now!
    Thanks for your help, all back to normal.

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