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    In short, to use a networked music player, you need a working network, start with getting that sorted before you do any more troubleshooting on your Squeezebox system.
    I assume your "No 1 router" is the one connected to your modem or equivalent on its WAN side and that you then have a wired connection to your PC on the LAN, if so that's pretty much the best practice.

    YES, this is how my system starts

    If the WiFi part of that router doesn't provide enough signal for your premises there are a few methods to improve coverage. The best method is to add access point(s) where signal is weak. The access point may be a dedicated device, or you may configure a router with WiFi to act as an access point. This is then connected via wire to your router.

    It works OK for the Touch, but using a laptop in other areas of the house was impossible. That's why I added the 2nd wifi router

    A different method would be to use WiFi repeaters or range extenders, yet another would be to use powerline ethernet adapters to set up a "wired" connection to your Touch, but it gets increasingly hit-and-miss the further you stray from the proven solutions.

    If you have 2nd router wired to your "No 1 router" I suggest to check if it can be setup as an access point, at a minimum you should disable DHCP on it.
    OK. Thanks. I have no idea what that means, but it gives me a starting point to troubleshoot and educate myself on.
    My verizon modem has 4 yellow ethernet ports and one white ethernet port, labeled WAN. I have the 2nd wifi modem plugged into one of the yellow ports. Shall I swap it to the white? Or am I just throwing darts?

    Thanks again for your input. I dearly love my Touch and would like to get it righteous again.

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    Can I use my wireless or an extra router along with the Verizon provided router?


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    Thank you very much. I will consume this and try and put it to good use!
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