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    New Power Supply Fixed The Remote Issue

    To add to this thread, my Touch recently became very sluggish to respond to the IR remote. The same remote worked fine on the Radio and Boom. After reading this thread I decided to order a new power supply and that indeed remedied the problem. The remote now works as well as it did originally. Was prepared to do the IR sensor replacement and made notes based on this thread highlighting the part number and location of the sensor. At this point it will not be necessary, but appreciate the information contributed by the forum members.
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    My 'Touch' was already suffering from a poorly functioning IR receiver since april 2014, so at that time this topic didn't exist yet and I couldn't find a solution. Recently I stumbled by accident on this topic - and based on the very helpful post from Patrick, I've replaced the IR receiver by a TSOP32238 this weekend and now have a fully functioning Squeezebox Touch again!

    Thanks to all in this thread who helped solve this issue!

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    +1 to replacing the A/C adapter first, before performing major surgery to replace the IR sensor. That solved the problem in my case as well. Long live the SB Touch!
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    If above steps fail, I would open the remote and clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol, then apply contact paste.

    This is exactly how my SoundBridge remote behaved in the kitchen, too many oily finger touches.

    The fact that you press harder while brining it close to the SBT may make you think you have IR failure.
    Also, battery hoarding can result in this too

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