This package provides a number of visualizations for squeezelite (~20 different ones, some with multiple modes and/or presets (e.g. projectM includes ~280 presets)). It's based on libvisual and projectM.

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More examples see here

Sources and a binary for Linux x86_64 are available here.

- download the sqlvis-bin-x.y.z.tar.bz2 file
- untar to / (tar -C / -xzf sqlvis-bin-x.y.z.tar.gz ), which will create /opt/libvisual-0.5/...
- edit /opt/libvisual-0.5/etc/se-mac.conf and adjust the MAC adress to the one squeezelite is bound to (check in the web interface, or start squeezelite with -v -d all=info)

squeezelite must run on the same computer with visualization enabled (the -v flag).
This package includes a program called lv-tool to display the visualizations.
Execute /opt/libvisual-0.5/bin/lv-tool -h to see all option
Execute /opt/libvisual-0.5/bin/lv-tool --plugin-help to see which visualizations are available.
/opt/libvisual-0.5/bin/lv-tool -i squeezelite -a projectM -D 1200x800

Hint: You can cycle through the different visualizers using the mouse wheel. ESC exits.

The following packages have to be installed:
libSDL 1.2
Open GL (Mesa)
liborc (Oil Runtime Compiler. Part of gstreamer - see
libpng 1.6
projectM (optional but recommended; should be installed in /usr), which will in turn depend on:

As these are fairly common packages, they should be available from your distribution package management.

If you want to run this on an other platform than 64bit x86 Linux, you'll have to build it yourself
Most likely, only *nix based OSes (Linux, BSD) will work. Windows certainly will not.
If you know cmake, building is fairly straightforward
- make sure you have all libraries, headers and build tools available
- build and install the libvisual package into /opt/libvisual-0.5
- for the next step, pkg config needs to be configured to include the installed libvisual (adjust path if necessary):
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/libvisual/lib64/pkgconfig
- build and install the libvisual-plugins package into /opt/libvisual-0.5

This is an quick hack based on an unreleased version of an unstable library.
That being said, it has run flawlessly on my setup for hours without crashing.

Credits / technical background
Basically, this is the current master branch of libvisual on github (pre 0.5, which hasn't been released). I wrote an input plugin for squeezeelite, and ported the projectM plugin to this version.