You have TWO LMS servers on one device?

Just switch over to mysqueezebox.com by going to Settings on Boom, then to
Music Source and select mysqueezebox.com then see if tge provlems still

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> >Is Touch connected to MySB.com or LMS on the NAS?

> I have no idea. How do I see that?
> >You are playing AAC streams when this "sync" works?

> Both AAC and MP3
> Try running LMS on a full computer, see if that resolves the issue.
> Then you will know if the issue is your NAS, which it sure sounds like.
> The Boom played these radio streams, suddenly it can't. I will not start
> messing about with LMS on my PC. Since both LMS servers (different
> versions) create the same behaviour I rather suspect the Boom.
> But it is not that important, just a bloody nuisance...
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