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I think some of the mch 5.1 music is a lot better than stereo.
Currently I have converted most of my mch SACD's to mch FLAC's (24/96) and they are sitting on a Synology NAS.
LMS/picore is running on a Raspberry Pi 4B with touchscreen and Harmony remote control.
I Use TIDAL HIFI, Spotty , Internet Radio and of course my local (NAS) FLAC files to play music. No need for ROON or anything expensive like that.
The only thing that is not really smooth is that I cannot play mch FLAC and mch DSD files from my NAS. Playing Stereo FLAC files is no problem.
So if you have a chance to look into mch FLAC and find a solution for it...... that would be fantastic.
Foobar is using some good plugins for this purpose..... maybe you can reuse them?
thx in advance!
Adding multichannel would be a very big endeavor. A fair bit of changes in LMS and a total rewrite of squeezelite core, unless you have a way to tunnel everything to the audio driver and make sure no gain or alteration of any kind is made to the data blob. I can't see anybody, for now, willing to do these changes