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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal Hibon View Post
    Inspired by the RaspTouch project I decide to prototype a similar case for one of my RPI's. I have been toying with a similar construction for quite some time but my mind couldn't agree on a solution to fix the display. The above project shed some new light on that; solutions are sometimes so very simply that they get overlooked

    This is the current state of the prototype:

    Name:  2016-07-21 11.42.56.jpg
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    Name:  2016-07-21 11.43.31.jpg
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    Name:  2016-07-21 11.53.53.jpg
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    The display is angled at 10 degrees. I used a Hammond Enclosure I had used for another project. The enclosure has been cut to fit the desired dimensions (and angle).
    There is still room besides the RPI to install an SPDIF hat. I re-used a part of the bezel of the original RPI display stand.
    The display is now actually mounted upside down but it is rotated in the configuration. By rotating the display I finally could address the "fixing issue" I had. The flat cable is not sitting on the bottom side of the enclosure; this is way it is hidden.

    All connectors are now available at the back side of the enclosure. This has been my main concern with the display cases currently on the market.
    Hi Pascal,

    This is just fanstastic! It looks great. Now I really want it as well

    I am so tempted to get a new display (I have got the first model with no brightness control) and build such a nice system with one of my spare RPis!


    BTW your VU meter was the main reason to purchase the display Excellent job!

    PS. Pascal, just out of curiosity which sort of DIY tool did you use to cut the case?
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