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Sorry for the late response - I have not checked this forum in a bit.

In my build, I did not leave the top on the enclosure when I cut the angle for the front - I probably should have - but I had no trouble on my table saw with a composite blade, tilted to about 15 degrees. I clamped the box to the sliding guide on the table. I did have to de-burr the cut since the composite blade caused a bit of melting of the aluminum. I then cut the top of the box to match.

A band saw would be a much better approach for this sort of work, though.

I think that your composite blade was the issue. I used a blade for cutting aluminium and had no issues with melting aluminium.
The cut is very clean.

Keeping the top in the enclosure makes sure that the top has exactly the same dimensions as the rest of the enclosure. And the edge is also at the right angle.

But glad it worked out well for you.