Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post ever.
As a budget-conscious audiophile, I decided last year to assemble a budget-wise streamer
but of quality, based on Raspberry.

I already had a stereo hifi system composed of:
- Advance Acoustic X-i60 amplifier
- Totem Acoustic Mite speakers

Inspired by the RaspTouch project system is:
- Raspberry PI 3 B +
- Official Display Touchscreen 7 ’’
- SmartPi Touch 2 Case
- AUDIOPHONICS Digipi + PRO Digital interface WM8804
- Remote PI (from MSL)

- external power button,
- external led
- external IR Receiver
- GPIO extender
- LEICKE power supply 20W 5V 4A for power display, 1x wall charger to power the RemotePi
- SanDisk microsd 16 GB
- Volume as software (2.779 so far)
- custom aluminum case. I want to keep all the stuff inside.

In the next future I want to add the Allo BOSS DAC 1.2 and power separetely from Raspberry!
My main goal is to get the best possible audio quality with the least expense, in the simplest way possible.

I decided to write here, first of all because my skills in electronics and assembly are very poor and because I believe that a DYI solution is the most economically sustainable.
I have no skills or equipment in soldering, in advanced electronics, in advanced modding of the Raspberry. I am a normal user who has many questions but little experience!
I have a big problem with power supply.
I tried this one:

using the two USB OUT (one to the display, and the other to the USB-C of the Remote Pi, Volumio doesn't boot properly, a error message appear "under voltage detected". So for the moment I use two cheap wall charger (one for display, one for Remote Pi)
Anyone knows some toroidal power supply easy to use? This LPS have to power first the future ALLO BOSS, than the RemotePi and finally the display touch.

Maybe this one can achieve this:

Project so far: