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    Inside Squeezebox Radio

    About 3 days ago my Squeezebox Radio stopped working. It's like it's getting no power. I have a red one too I got when they had a good deal just under $100 for it. So I used that power supply but still not good.

    They don't repair them out side 2 years. Said all I can do it buy a new one.

    So I open mine up to see if I can see any thing wrong. I don't see what's wrong with it but I can take photos of it.

    You start but pulling off the speaker screen. It's just pushed on.

    Name:  All the parts.jpg
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    Any one know how I could fix this. It's like the only thing I can do now it thought it away.

    -Raymond Day

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    It looks like there's a burned out part in the upper right of the "bottom of board" photo. Possibly a SMT cap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperQ View Post
    It looks like there's a burned out part in the upper right of the "bottom of board" photo. Possibly a SMT cap?
    Your right. I just looked at that part more and I did not see it before. Now I just need to find out what part that is. I have replace a tinny serfice mount part like that before on a small board were some one plugged the wrong power supply in it.

    I will try and find what part it is and replace it.

    -Raymond Day

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    If I'm right in reading the part as Q3 then this is almost certainly either a transistor or a FET (it looks like it has 3 connections) - you'll probably have to trace part of the circuit to decide which and what polarity (PNP / NPN or N or P FET) - so good luck

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    With the web cam I can get a better photo of it.

    I will upload a photo from my Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. It can get a closet photo.

    Name:  Picture 37.jpg
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    You can see in this photo that it is Q3 and there is another one right by the bad one. That my be the same the Q5 would that be the same. So the lable on it is "P3A W8" if that is the right replacement part.

    I buy parts at Jameco Electronics. At www.jameco.com

    I looked at there web and looks like it would be one here:


    Looks like they are called:


    I guess this part went bad because I think the battery pack when bad in it. One of the traces from this bad part goes right to the plug of the battery.

    over a year ago I got AA rechargeable battery's and with a kit to make it your self. I guess the battery's got too old.

    I just order the $50 battery for this with the remote.

    The battery's only cost me about $2 for 4 of them.

    Here is a photo of it.

    Name:  Picture 38.jpg
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    I did have the temperature thing in the middle of the battery. It's out of it because I was trying to see what's wrong with it. I think the battery's are just to old now.

    -Raymond Day

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    Open my Rad Radio to see what part it is.

    Can see the numbers on the bad part so I open my red Squeezebox Radio. It's easy remove the speaker screen it just pulls off and there are 2 screws holding the board but you have to take off the rubber part over the Ethernet port in back. It pops off then slide the board over to the speaker side.

    Any way looks like the bad part it labled "22p xo" or that could be a ox. Not sure. Here is the photo I got of it. It's very small.

    Name:  Good part 22P OX.jpg
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    Looking for that number don't come up right away on Google. I guess have to put something else with the lable number.

    -Raymond Day

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    my guess: diodes DMP2215L (thats what 22p is for, but these codes are used by multiple manufacturers) and the xo would mean manufacturing date october 2010.

    diodes as manufacturer would be consistent with the smd element q5 (p3a) which is also a valid code for diodes (DPLS320A)
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    Can you tell me were to buy it?

    Can you go to here:


    Then tell me what one to buy there?

    It's hard to tell what part this is.

    -Raymond Day

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    I order the part.

    I looked for the part. But it was hard to find a web page were I can only order a little of them. 2 web pages says have to order 3000 of them.

    I order this part:

    2N7002 MOSFET 7.5 Ohm 115mA 60V N-channel SOT-23-3 2N7002LT1G

    Looked on Google for it and I found it here:


    I hope this is the right part. Just had to order at lest $5 from there. I added some other things that I can use.

    I guess by next week I will find if it works.

    Thank you for all your help here!

    -Raymond Day

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    I'm going to guess that should be a P-channel MOSFET. With the drain connected to the + of the bus cap, and an N-channel MOSFET, the gate will need to be driven above that voltage to enhance the MOSFET. This is hard to do, and it would make more sense if it used a P-channel MOSFET instead. It's hard to tell without seeing the other traces and/or taking some voltage measurements.

    You can get single quantities of MOSFETs from Digi-Key. In the USA, pick USPS first class shipping and it's only a few bucks.

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