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    TIDAL - Tips & Tricks

    So I signed up for a one month subscription to test out streaming FLAC and explore TIDAL's music catalog. With my primary system, the FLAC file playback does make a sonic difference. Not all music is available in FLAC. I keep the LMS web player tab open in my browser to check now and then.

    With my experience, I am unimpressed with TIDAL's music editors/curation. Clearly, the employees at TIDAL and I have different tastes in music. This became evident with Playlists categories and Genres. So be it. After exploring the music catalog, I find enough of the artists and albums I like to keep the subscription.

    Since the ickStream/iPeng app access is still in beta, that approach to finding and managing music remains less-than workable, particularly if you're on an iPhone. However, playback now works well. Over time, I'm sure the ickStream team will make it more refined and better. In the meantime, here's a tip/trick for using TIDAL on your Squeezebox-driven system.

    In addition to your open playback controller app, open the TIDAL standalone app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bigger screen is better. Use the TIDAL interface for exploring/searching* (for now better implemented), saving artists, albums, tracts, and building playlists. You can then switch back to whatever playback controller you have implemented.

    * In TIDAL, try different variations of album or tract titles. For example, leaving off the last letter will return variations of the search. Also, when the search results appear, click on the "Show All Results" at the bottom of the box. Another current benefit of the TIDAL app Search, in contrast to ickStream/iPeng, is that the return sorts: 1) full artist albums, then 2) Singles and EPS, then 3) inclusions in other multi-artist works.

    Please add to this thread any more "tips & tricks" you come across that might be helpful.
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