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    How do you keep your pi rooted to the desk?

    I live my B+ pi with Hifiberry DAC and case, but the darned thing gets airborne with the RCA cables connected. I'm using short cables for convenience and tidiness, but the weight and stiffness of the cables lifts the pi off the desk.

    This must be a common woe, so I wonder how other people are dealing with it. I suppose some double sided tape and a small chunk of something heavy would do the trick, but hopefully there are more elegant solutions.

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    Blu Tack

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    Normal cables instead of the audiophile variety ?
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    I have mine in one of those clear cases, looks great it only just about stays put.
    a little non ferrous weight glued to the bottom of my case would be ideal I guess, but I'm happy as it is...

    I desoldered the little smoothing capacitor and put in an Oscon sepc, am sure it sounded better afterwards..

    love my Pi, flawless, so much better than my pc..
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    I have a Pi B+ HiFiBerry DAC+ in a clear case stood on it's edge. The audio out and power leads are close together and can fit in a neat hole in a desk/shelf. No wires!
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