I have tried testing and unstable debs (no squeezeplay in stable). I have tried the compiled tarball. I have tried waiting for a gibbous moon, molybdenum disulfide lubricants, and the penultimate 3 Ubu distros. I have failed. My result is:

@Minstrel:/opt/squeezeplay/bin$ sudo ./jive [i.e. no response to stimulus--but what might I be lookinafore?]
@Minstrel:/opt/squeezeplay/bin$ ./jive
bash: ./jive: No such file or directory
@Minstrel:/opt/squeezeplay/bin$ ./squeezeplay.sh
./squeezeplay.sh: 16: ./squeezeplay.sh: /opt/squeezeplay/bin/jive: not found
@Minstrel:/opt/squeezeplay/bin$ sudo ./squeezeplay.sh
./squeezeplay.sh: 16: ./squeezeplay.sh: /opt/squeezeplay/bin/jive: not found
Why hast thou forsaken me O squeezeplay? I've done everything but try to compile from source. And this, because I find that endeavor to be less reliable and grounds for rampage when after all that it has failed none-the-less. Rampages suck, so...