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    top charts in Deezer plugin... and pausing songs

    I've been using Deezer with squeezebox, and overall, it's been so great, that I continued with the premium+ subscription after the trial.

    There are however a few issues that seem to be problematic.

    1) when in the web UI, I click on Top charts, and then Tracks (or Albums or Artists) Squeezebox only shows 10 items. It would be great if it was possible see many more (100?) in the same way they are shown when using the Deezer's own website interface. Is this possible?

    2) Top charts option does not have "Playlist" option (as in top playlists) - these are available when browsing through the Deezer's website.

    3) When I play a deezer song, then pause it for a bit, then start playing again, it will cut off before the song should normally end. Basically pausing gets squeezebox confused about the length of the song.

    Does anyone have the same problems? any obvious solutions?
    thanks in advance.
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