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    Quote Originally Posted by gorman View Post
    A work of beauty. Too bad I'm electronically impaired... and I would just mess this up. But great idea and execution.

    Also, haven't you thought about using high discharge batteries to avoid problems? Stuff like Sony's VTC 4/5 or LG HE4. They are rated for 20+A.
    Thanks The Boom power supply is rated 12V/2.5A (from memory) and the battery pack I'm using is classical LiIon 3x18650 cells that has a limiter circuit of 8.5A (they can go higher of course as these cells have extremely low impedance, but you *want* the limiter) and I also have a switch on my design to select either battery or external power supply that as a limiter at 4.5A. This is plenty of current to feed the Boom, the internal power supply has a bank of large capacitors to absorb short peaks
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    Philippe started this thread several years ago, and I discovered it a couple of years after that. Philippe sent me a bare PCB, but sourcing and soldering the surface-mount components was just too much of a task for me. So then he had some fully populated PCBs made and he sent me one to test. Yet again I let him down - he provided a 3D-printable box, but my printer was (still is) in need of fettling and I could never get a good print, so the PCB lay unused for a year or two.

    Fast forward a couple of years and I know a bit more about how to get better prints from my 3D printer. I've also had a lot more practice with AutoCAD, which has allowed me to tweak Philippe's original box to make it print better on my printer (rounded corners!), and to incorporate a couple of specific features that suit my own purposes.

    So now, finally, I'm up and running with this little marvel. It works beautifully. It sits in the recess at the back of the Boom, and provides a pass-through for the DC supply, which also keeps a 3x18650 cell pack charged, so that when the DC supply is removed the battery pack takes over.

    I have a couple of Booms that will benefit from this: The first one lives in the kitchen where I use wired ethernet (the reason for one of the tweaks to Philippe's box design), which I can now take out into the back garden. The second is one that I use in my camper van, where the 12V DC requirement is perfect. I used to use a 12V extension cable, but now I can use it completely without wires.

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