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    LMS which version to use? 7.7.x7.8.x 7.9.x

    > I was looking for the latest LMS 7.8.1 nightly Version. But I can find
    > only 7.7, 10.0 or 7.9 to download.

    As 7.9.0 has been released as a stable release, the 7.8.x branch has
    been obsoleted. If you still feel like sticking with 7.8, then there's
    the last build still available:




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    I've been using 7.9 for around 3 years and have never had a problem with any of the 10 nightlies I have used.

    I am mostly interested in classical music and two of the things that I value most (and which make 7.9 a must have) are:

    Composer browse (one of my main go-to options - set up in the Additional Browse Modes)
    Random Albums (I use this a lot)

    (I am assuming these options aren't in 7.8.x)

    Of course different users have different interests and different requirements.
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    I am using 7.8.1 because of older plugins

    I have downgraded to 7.8.1 because some older plugins I like the most do not work with 7.9. Like DynamicMix .

    For the classic stuff, I use custom Browse like this:

    Setup browse menu for classical music

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    LMS 7.9 (UBUNTU 10.04) und MusicIP Server like:

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    Did not erland fix some of his plugins recently .

    They could clash with the full text search plugin that comes with 7.9.x ( it can be disabled )
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